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We will not buy your item. 

Let's repeat that,

we will not buy from members. 

For us to genuinely give unbiased information, by definition, we cannot buy your goods. 

Sign up, receive our private dedicated consultation phone line and call us. Together, we will have a substantive conversation to give you the candid, accurate, and unbiased value information you need to stay competitive and maximize profit. 

When it comes to pricing, this is a secretive industry. Knowledge is a currency and obtaining that knowledge can be an arduous journey. 

Until now, there has never been an unbiased source for help with pricing.  

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How many stories have you heard about an over-the-counter buy leading to a huge windfall? Have you ever passed on something because it was an item you were unfamiliar with and didn't know where to turn for counsel? Consulting with us will give you the support that you need to stay competitive, not take unnecessary risks and most importantly make more money.