I am the 2nd generation owner/partner of Saxon's Diamond Centers located in Bel Air & Aberdeen Maryland. I have known and worked with Josh Hyman for over 20 years. He is one of the most knowledgeable jeweler/gemologists I know. Over these many years I have learned a ton from Joshua about color stones and estate jewelry.  He is my go to source when I need information. He has even given my staff in-store training.

I am a third generation  Pawnbroker and Estate Tradesman since 1986. I have known and done business with Josh Hyman for the last 20 years. In that time he has become a valued asset to me and my business.  For consulting, appraisals and acquisitions…Josh is my “First, Best and Final Stop” He should be yours too!

With twenty five years in the business and currently managing four stores I consider myself to be a knowledgeable operator.  Even with my experience I often find myself in need of prices on goods that I don't handle regularly. I have been doing business and consulting with John for nearly a decade. He has been a great resource for me, greatly expanding my ability to buy with confidence.  

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As a retail store owner and bench jeweler for thirty five years I encountered a wide variety of goods whether traveling abroad buying or coming in over the counter.  I have always believed a rising tide raises all ships and John and I have always interacted as such.  Using John as a resource on watch market knowledge allowed me to stay current when it wasn't my day to day focus.   It has been great having him in my corner and I look forward to him sharing with others.